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aalogo.jpg (17882 bytes)...The LEFC Mural


    Our first mural, it was commisioned by the Lancaster Evangelical Free Church (LEFC) in Lititz,Pennsylvania. If you are ever in the area, stop by, it is a great church!  Our challenge was to create a piece to fit in that awkward triangular shape in the vaulted ceiling. 


Just to give you an idea of the size of this one. It is positioned over the entrance doors to the sanctuary and can be seen just as soon as you walk through the front door of the church-not a bad spot!

Detail of the center panel. Dave is the landscape painter, I the painted the borders. (Parts of it were still not completed when the picture was taken.) If you look close you will see that there are two light sources in the center panel. The dimmer source is the sun-the brighter is symbolic of the light and power of God-which permeates the piece. Rays of this light shine onto the left and right panels under the border which acts as a window payne.


lefcfull.jpg (106745 bytes)

The completed piece. I apologize for the fuzziness of the photo, so I'll do my best to fill you in. The left panel is a depiction of the crosses at calvary, of course the center cross is the cross of Jesus Christ. The beam of light from the center panel lights the center cross, and the cross to the right of it , the cross to the left is darkened. This is symbolic of the two men that hung of the crosses beside Jesus, the one accepted Christ before he died, the other continued to mock and rebuke Him. The right panel is the empty tomb from which Christ arose from the dead, again the light plays a big part as it illuminates the tomb. The idea for the borders comes from my love of medieval illuminated manuscripts. I used a metallic gold powder mixed with an oil medium for the base color. The flora and fauna shown were chosen for their beauty, and were not thought of as symbols but only as decoration.

We are working on another mural for LEFC.  We will provide pictures during the process of working on the piece.  It's theme is "To the Ends of the Earth", and will be used to raise awareness to the missionaries that the church represents.  This one will prove to be very exciting!  Not only will we be painting, but also will be including photographs of the missionaries, and 3 dimensional artifacts from the missionaries into the piece.


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