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aalogo.jpg (17882 bytes)...The Landis Mural


    We were asked by the Landis's to decorate their kitchen and dining area.  They live in a historic home, built shortly after the Civil War, on a lovely piece of land, complete with stream, beautiful.  In addition to the project of renovating the kitchen, they wanted a floral border, particularly ones that bloom on their property.  The vines you see are wine berry vines, and in actuality,  the mural will not be entirely completed until the vines bear fruit again, so that we can observe them and paint them in.  But until then, we are close enough so you can see what we've done so far.  We will post new photos when it is totally finished.

landis12.jpg (48786 bytes)


landis detail2.jpg (21708 bytes)

landis detail.jpg (34499 bytes)

   Detail of foreground painting.  Salmon daylilies, white dogwood blooms and forget-me-nots are shown.

    Detail of painting above sink.  It features magnolias, lilacs, and forget-me-nots.

landis10.jpg (49483 bytes)

Here, they wanted to turn an awkward architectural space into a special area to decorate Numbers 6:24-26, a fitting verse for a dining/entertaining area.  The flowers are magnolias, dogwood blooms, and forget-me-nots.


landis1.jpg (28539 bytes)

This one is over a doorway to another room, daylilies, forsythia, and queen anne's lace.


landis4.jpg (13523 bytes)

This is between the entry door and a window.  Again, daylilies, forsythia, and queen anne's lace.




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