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Information we need

Before you contact us, there are a few things you should consider such as: size, color, subject matter, placement, and permanence. We can also assist you in any decisions you might have during the consultation. Note: murals can be painted directly to the surface of your choice (i.e. wall, floor, ceiling, etc.) or painted on canvas in our studio and be shipped to you to be hung. The advantage to the later choice is that the mural can then be moved if needed.

How it works

Initial consultation will consist of the discussion of your future project along with any insight that we can provide in helping you expand your ideas to best suit your tastes. Following the consultation we will work up compositional sketches according to your individual project along with an estimated price. After the approval of the compositional sketches, choices of color can be made and worked into final color studies.

How we charge

There will be no charge for initial consultation.

Sketches: $10.00 each.

Color studies: $25.00 each

The final piece: $20.00 to $60.00 per square foot depending on detail and site location.

Additional costs: will depend on any special materials needed.

Changes can be made to the final piece during it's production, but will be subject to an increase in the final cost.

Note: After initial estimate one half the cost will be needed to continue.


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