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aalogo.jpg (17882 bytes)...The D&E Mural


    This mural is located at the internet offices of D&E Communications in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.  It is actually a triptych (3 paneled painting) on stretched canvas.  It is affixed to the wall at the entrance of the building.  The concept of the piece was to portray the history of telecommincations as it pertains to the company.  We worked from their past (left), to present (center)to the future(far right).


deleft.jpg (53409 bytes)

This is the left panel.  It features the founders of the
company, and an old telephone.

decenter.jpg (77252 bytes)

The center panel, the Brossman building, which is their main office building, modern technology that they sell or offer services for.

deright.jpg (46851 bytes)

The right panel, symbolic of what the future may
hold.  The D&E logo in the lower corner.



Copyright 1998, AveryArts